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Annual Fest of Christian Medical College, Vellore

16-21 Sep, 2019

Pegasus is one of the largest fests in the southern terrain of India. With different colleges from all over India being invited for this event, PEGASUS 2019, the latest of this age old spectacle is gonna be BIGGER and BETTER, because small is just not how we roll. Invigorating entertainment, mind-boggling cultural and literary events, heart pumping sports, and a lot more to look forward to.
It's time to unleash the Pegasus in you!

The events are as follows:-

  1. COGNITIO 2019 (29th - 30th August, 2019): The Annual Research Symposium where students from all over India have the opportunity to come and present their research work before a panel of creditable jury and compete with other equally passionate budding researchers. COGNITIO 2019 will have Keynote speeches, Clinical Case Presentations, talks by eminent personalities from various fields and competitions in Oral and Poster presentation categories.

  2. COGNITIO 2019

  3. EPIDAURIA 2019 (31st August, 2019): The annual inter-collegiate Medi-quiz at CMC Vellore is the ultimate forum for testing one's mettle and crossing swords with the best of the best. Its the ultimate conglomerate of knowledge, wit and analytical skills.

  4. EPIDAURIA 2019

  5. PEGASUS 2019 (16th - 21st September,2019):-

    • SPORTS (16th - 21st Sep, 2019) - With all eyes etched at you, your own set of ears perceiving nothing but two sounds Ė the cheering crowd and the pumping heart; it is this ultimate moment that a sportsperson cherishes for a lifetime. Exhilarating, exciting and electrifying, at Pegasus Sports we give you the opportunity to re-live the passion, to pace past your competitors and make that final move to victory. Come and experience Sports like never before!

    • CULTURAL, LITERARY & FINE ARTS (19th - 21st Sep, 2019) - If you canít help the wheels of your brain from churning, if you have crazy ideas and want to sew them into words, if your wordplay has the might to stand out, then this is the arena for you. Come and bag it all as you go ahead in the clash of words. Thereís Dumb Charades, Pictionary, Potpourri, GK Quiz, 90 seconds, DnD, PUBG and lots more.

    • ENTERTAINMENT (19th - 21st Sep, 2019) - It doesnít take just talent to be an artist. A true performer is one who nestles passion inside his heart, not one to win but one to redefine the true meaning of music to the world. Be it in the tap of his foot or the chord of his strings, it is music that is his guiding light. So, open the doors to your mind and soul and let the magic unfold.
      Lights, Sounds, Action!

    • INFORMALS & FOOD COURT - The rendezvous spot for you when you have spare time at hand with lots of games like Paintball, Counter Strike, Mini Golf, Remote Car Racing and many more. Our Food Court provides you the world on a platter. With delicacies from Vellore, Bangalore and Chennai all in one place, we will make sure you donít leave without licking your fingers.
The following are the events for PEGASUS 2019. Please download the Rule Book for details regarding Rules, Registration and Prize Money for each event. For further details, please feel free to contact the incharge of the respective event.



  1. Athletics (Men and Women)
  2. Basketball (Men and Women)
  3. 3-A-side Basketball (Men and Women)
  4. Mac Cricket (Men)
  5. Cricket (Men)
  6. Football (Men)
  7. Futsal (Men and Women)
  8. Throwball (Women)
  9. Hockey (Men)
  10. 5-A-side Hockey (Men)
  11. Tennis (Men and Women)
  12. Volleyball (Men and Women)
  13. 3-A-side Volleyball (Men and Women)


  1. Badminton (Men and Women)
  2. Carroms (Men and Women)
  3. Chess Regular (Men and Women)
  4. Blitz Chess (Men and Women)
  5. Table Tennis (Men and Women)



  1. Flash Fiction
  2. Short Story Writing
  3. Poetry


  1. GK QUIZ
    (Quizmaster: Major Chandrakant Nair)
  2. Dumb Charades
  3. Turn Coat
  4. Ship Wreck
  5. Picto
  6. Spin-A-Yarn
  7. 90 S
  8. Potpourri


  1. PUBG Tournament
  2. Dungeons & Dragons
  3. Photography



  1. Western Rock Music Competition
  2. Western Acoustic Music Competition
  3. Eastern Music Competition


  1. Solo/Duet Dance Competition
  2. Group Dance Competition (Western/Eastern/Folk)

Open Brochure      Open Rule Book

Registrations Open




Chief Organisers Timothy Livingston Johny
(+91 99525 02205)
Sampanna Sotmon
(+91 87542 31982)
Sports Incharge Ashok Reji Thomas
(+91 94960 14222)
Culturals Incharge Joshua Jasper
(+91 95665 94049)
Entertainment Incharge Jason Jacob George
(+91 89395 80133)
Accommodation Incharge Rojan Jacob Cherian
(+91 87787 14928)
Public Relations Rayshna Rao
(+91 97908 66644)
Treasurer Daniel Paul Mowli
(+91 94437 75680)

Division of Sports

Ashok Reji Thomas +91 94960 14222
Christina Maria Samson +91 88709 14042
Johny Timothy Neelankavil +91 75488 95591
Joel K. Johny +91 70346 83423
Raina Rebecca Reginold +91 75503 58226
Steven Lionel +91 86104 74066

Division of Entertainment

Jason Jacob George +91 89395 80133
Preetha Elizabeth
(Dance Competition)
+91 89037 48100
Sanjana Bose
(Music Competition)
+91 98869 57966

Division of Culturals

Joshua Jasper +91 95665 94049
Sudipti Shandilya +91 77270 38858
Siddhant Nair +91 88706 48537


Rojan Jacob Cherian +91 87787 14928
Adarsh Varghese Kurian +91 94950 22047
Merin Dennis Chiramal +91 75488 48660


Cynthia Susan John +91 75988 53779
Sheona Loyal +91 70006 93030


Daniel Paul Mowli +91 94437 75680
Anna Mathew +91 98200 40823
Nandhini Dayalan +91 70108 72173